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Well, Hello There

Hi there.  It’s been awhile — don’t be mad.  A few things have changed.  Like, Miles became a huge gigantic 3-year-old.  He likes to announce this accomplishment, which comes out sounding like, “I’m free!”



Robin and I got married.  Again.

Legally hitched.

And we need a new title for the blog.  Pronto!  Why do we need a new title for the blog?  Because we are having a baby, any day now really.  Robin is gloriously, extremely, undeniably pregnant.

Forty weeks pregnant.

So  help us, please.  We can’t really have a blog called Miles and Moms once we have a new little human.  We don’t know that much about him yet, but it’s safe to say he’ll want equal billing.  We don’t have a name picked out for the kid, but we’re taking suggestions for the name of the blog.  Consider it a contest.  And the prize if you win is… being the person who renamed our blog.

Miles, of course, wants to name the baby Rainbow.  Whenever we gently suggest that we might name the baby something else, he becomes very stern and insists.  “No, I want to name him Rainbow.  Not something else!”

We hope to blog more in the near future.  Stay tuned…


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